Nextbase Front and Back Dual Lens Dash Camera Review

Nextbase Front and Back Dual Lens In-Car DVR Dash Camera with Digital Driving Video Recorder DUO HD

If you're looking to buy yourself a new Dash Cam, you can do no better than buy yourself a Nextbase Duo.  We have review it extensively in the past and rate it our best dash cam on the market due to it's fantastic performance.  The Nextbase Front and Back Dual Lens In-car DVR dash camera features two rotating cameras that view forward and backwards simultaneously to offer drivers an all round view of the road whilst offering protection and assistance in the event of an accident.

The forward facing camera offers you a 140 degree wide angle lens and 720p High Definition recording and is designed to give a front view of the vehicle. The rear facing camera offers a 50 meter zooms lens that records through the rear windscreen to give you a view of what is happening at the back and details of vehicles behind you. These two cameras combine to offer you a complete view of your surroundings.

Dash cams work by recording many three minute chapters on a micro SD card say a 32GB San Disk Ultra class 10 which is also the maximum capacity supported. This chapters can be adjusted to either 2 or 5 minutes depending on the users preference. So it practically stores the last 4 hours of your driving and once full, it starts overwriting the oldest three minute recordings. The camera stores this recordings in folders according to date. With such, it is easy to say the camera manages its file system remarkably well. Customer Reviews

In the event that you are involved in an accident, the dash cam takes note of this by the help of the inbuilt G force sensors that will automatically lock that three minute chapter and save it such that it cannot be recorded over even when you proceed with your driving. This feature coupled with the Bright, clear 2.0 inch 16:9 LED screen provide more than enough evidence to support insurance claims and also to prove to the police you did not cause an accident or it was not your fault. You can also manually lock a chapter of something of the road in case you come to need it later or whether it is just a memorable event say something funny. The built in GPS and G sensor record location, speed and force data coupled the Software supplied shows dual video playback combined with GPS map and G forces for both PC and Mac.

The twin cameras use Multi-Element Sharp Lenses to provide stunning vividly clear images. Also the inbuilt image processing upgrades video quality for both bright and dark conditions meaning recordings taken even under poor lighting turn clearer than expected.

It is powered by one lithium ion battery and comes with a 4 meter 12 volt power cable which has ample length meaning that you can hide the wire around your windscreen and therefore not have the annoying wires hanging down blocking your view or giving thieves the obvious sign that there is an electric instrument sat in your car.  Along with the extra long cable, the unit is also very easy to install given that the unit is mounted on the wind screen using a suction mount for the windscreen.

Playback is very easy using the HDMI cable provided meaning that you can connect your dash cam directly to the your PC or Mac for easy playback using the software provided on the CD ROM or by downloading it from the NextBase website.  

Overall we love the Nextbase Front and Back Dual Lens In-car dash camera so much that think it's the best dash cam on the market right now.  It's so simple to install and use and offers the protection whilst your driving knowing that if you have an accident you will be able to prove with video feed-back whose fault it is and therefore whose insurance company will need to pay.  We have tested lots of dash cam's over the years and what we really like about the Next base is how easy it is to use and enjoy.  If you're in the market for a dash camera and don't want to buy a dash camera and sat nav unit combined, then buy the nextbase and you will not regret it.

NextBase Duo
NextBase Duo Front and Rear Dash Cam

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