In the world that we live in today, driving without a navigation program giving you step-by-step directions, is just not worth the effort, especially for those who drive for a living and don’t want to sit in traffic all day or get lost. This is where a satellite navigator comes into play, but how do you choose the best sat nav? Do you read sat nav reviews? Do you look at Sat Nav Recommendations and customer ratings?

This website was put together around ten years ago, when the sat nav market was starting to heat up, with the aim to review every single car sat nav on the market. If we could review every device on the market, we could then make an accurate decision on what’s good, and what’s bad.
If you want a great sat nav, walk out and buy a top of the range Garmin or TomTom. It will set you back over £350, which is a lot of money, but will give you a great unit, that can provide all the directions you need. The problem, not everyone has nearly four-hundred pounds to walk out and buy a top of the range Garmin or TomTom. Luckily in 2024, there are plenty of models and that will provide all the directions you need without the wallet damage.

History of The Sat Nav

Over the last twenty years, directions have evolved from using maps and sometimes a compass, to mapping software that you would download onto your computer and print maps for a specific location that you wanted. These worked well until you changed your mind and decided to go to a different location than you had originally decided to go which meant that you had to refer back to your mapping software to help with directions.

With the introduction of GPS Technology allowing you to pin-point your exact location to within a few feet, Sat Nav’s were born. In the early days they were bulky and expensive, but they used the same software that you would put on your laptop computer with the only difference being that you could now use the GPS technology to pin point your exact location on the map and use the software to work out a route that you could follow.

Over the last few years, sat Nav devices have evolved further to today’s models which can not only give you turn-by-turn directions using your precise location, but also have added benefits of traffic alerts to help you stay away from any major traffic jams, Bluetooth connections meaning that you can pair the unit with your smartphone for hand-held calls and use the vast internal database to look for places that you might need such as Petrol stations and Cash Machines.

What About My Smartphone?

Smartphones are brilliant, we all have them and yes you can use google maps to get around, however a dedicated Sat Nav gives you more freedom and overall can be a lot cheaper. The biggest problem with using your smartphone is often the size of it. I have use the latest iPhone that comes with a six-inch screen, but its just too small and you just cannot see enough of the road ahead to know what is coming up next.
Personally I have used and still often use my smartphone, but what really drives me wild is when I come up to a complicated junction where it’s not really clear which direction I should go in. What I really need to do, is to Zoom in and then potentially I could see which exit to take, however this means taking both hands off the road which is just plain dangerous.

A dedicated Sat Nav with a 5-to-7-inch screen, will come with special features to help you pick the right lane to be in to get to your destination. They also do not need the internet to provide you with directions meaning that they are considerably cheaper to run. If you riding a motorcycle and it start raining, your smartphone is not going to work in the rain which means that you have no directions and will get lost. To stop this problem, you will need a dedicated Sat Nav.

The Best Sat Nav for Your Needs

The best Sat Nav really depends on what you’re going to use your Sat Nav for and how much money you have to spend. What’s right for me, might not be right for you, however along this website we have tried to take the middle ground, outlining the top model sat nav’s based on a range of different needs and price ranges.

We try to pick the top models based on the average users and what they are actually going to get out of buying one and rather than just simply walking out and buying the most expensive model on the market. Below we have split this website into product reviews for what we consider are the best sat nav units for each of the different product types from Cars to Motorcycles and Trucks.

The Best Car Sat Nav Across the Market in 2024

Are you in the market for a new Sat Nav to use in the UK or across Europe? You have plenty of choice, however if you want to save yourself some trouble then check out the best sat nav review here. If you have more time, then check out the sat nav review section where we review the top performing sat nav’s across the market and decide which you should be buying and more importantly which you should be avoiding.

The Best Cheap Car Sat Nav Across the Market in 2024

Are you in the market for a new Sat Nav but on a budget? With sat nav’s reaching ever higher heights, the good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune and in this section we review the best cheap sat nav across the market and work out which you should be buying and which cheap sat nav’s on the market you should stay away from. Remember, cheap does not mean bad. Personally I have found some of the best sat nav’s over the years have come from this section. The don’t tend to come with all the latest features, but if you want a navigator that will provide you directions to get you home and not much else, this the section you need to be reading.

The Best Motorcycle Sat Nav Across the Market in 2024

Are you wanting to take your motorcycle out across the roads in the UK this summer? You have two choices, ride along roads that you know and get bored or explore new roads that could be your new top road, but you run the risk that you’re going to get lost. This all changes with the introduction of a Motorcycle Sat Nav, however what’s the best motorcycle sat nav on the market and which should you be avoiding.

The Best Truck Sat Nav Across The Market In 2024

Are you driving your Truck, HGV or CamperVan this year? You’re going to need to get yourself a sat nav that has been designed specifically for your truck otherwise you could be sending yourself off down a road where you’re going to get stuck. These sat nav’s have been designed specifically for you’re type of vehicle and allow you to enter your vehicle’s dimensions and have a route that will take you around any excluded areas or around any low bridges. They also come with added benefits to such as being able to find trucking specific petrol stations and service stations, however what is the best trucking sat nav for your needs?

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