TomTom GO 6100 Sat Nav Review

TomTom GO 6100 Sat Nav Review

The TomTom GO 6100 Sat Nav is a fantastic latest generation 6-inch screen, sat nav that offers users the ability to easily plug in their destination and be provided with step by step directions that are both easy to see and easy to follow.  TomTom has developed itself over the last few years from a sat nav manufacture, into one of the top two sat nav manufactures in the world providing dependably Sat Nav units that are in front of the opposition and offer directions that you can rely on.

TomTom Go 6100 Sat Nav Review

Visually, the new TomTom Go 6100 is very similar to the outgoing GO 6000 forebear, however it's really only when you switch it on do the differences become obvious.  The 6100 come with a six-inch, 800-by-480 pixel screen that offers fantastic viewing of your directions whether you looking at your unit in direct sunlight or in low light condition.  Whilst other sat nav that we have tested have better screen resolution that the 800 by 480 pixels that the TomTom comes with but it's sufficient to provide great clarity.  The screen is also touchscreen meaning that you can zoom in and out using swipe motions or even your voice through the interface. 

Switching on the unit allows you to access both TomTom super easy to use menu system and see the maps that are both very accurate and very detailed.  When you're ready to start driving to your destination, simply add your address using the QWERTY keyboard, press enter and the sat nav will calculate the best route to keep you out of traffic and get you to your destination quickly and easily.  

The 6100 comes with a built in GPRS cell modem that both allows you to view traffic information, update your unit and thus keeping it up to date with any of the latest route changes, whilst at the same time keeping you update with any fixed speed cameras.  This is something that you we do really like about the new TomTom 6100 as in the past, TomTom sat nav units either did not come with this feature, or you had to pay an added subscription service to use this facility.

This unit comes with maps of the UK, Ireland and Europe, however TomTom does offer the ability to save extra maps using a Micro SD Card that can be attached to the unit meaning that you can take your sat nav on holiday and have up to date maps. Customer Reviews

The TomTom Go 6100 Sat Nav comes with fantastic performance and offer users real value for money.  We love the magnetic mount meaning that you can easily connect your sat nav and disconnect it when you have finished your journey, however we are slightly concerned that the magnetic mount that stays attached to your dashboard could simple be a sign to any thieves that are operating in the area that you have a sat nav on board that they can steal.  

We also love the easy to use directions that are so easy to follow that it's virtually impossible to make a mistake, however it's not all good.  The voice control is terrible, but really it's terrible in most portable sat nav units meaning that you need to stationary, with the radio turned off and no one else speaking or making any form of noise for it too work, however the real problem is the the CPU is really not fast enough for the upgraded software, extra features and more detailed maps.  

Calculating maps takes longer than you expect and re-calculating a route when you do take a wrong turn, takes ages and is a complete nightmare.  With both traffic and routing running we found that the re-calculating can take up to a minute which can seem like an hour if you're driving in the wrong direction.

Overall the TomTom GO 6100 is a decent Sat Nav that we have heard good things about.  Is it our favourite?  No, I would still buy a Garmin 2797LMT or The 2016 Garmin DriveSmart range of sat nav units which i still think offer better flexibility and performance.​

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