What’s The Best Sat Nav With Speed Camera Alerts

Speed cameras are something that I hate. I generally don't speed, but like everyone, I often drive slightly fast than the speed limit, especially in the morning when I'm going to work, and especially in 50's and 60's speed limit zones. I have only got two-speed tickets in my life, both were in these sections, and both were going 56-MPH in a 50 zone. It would have been really nice to have an alert, just to slow down slightly and avoid the camera.

This is where a Sat-Nav with speed cameras alerts comes into play. If you have something like my favourite Car Sat-Nav Unit, the Garmin DriveSmart 55, no only do you have driving directions to help you get to your destination, but you also have a range of driving alerts that includes speed camera alerts to show you when you're getting close to a speed camera and the speed that you should be driving at. These are very useful alerts.

Best Sat Nav With Speed Camera Alerts

We're going to focus on the two key brands TomTom and Garmin. Yes, there are other brands, but often they don't work as well or have problems in key features. This especially comes true when you consider sat nav with speed cameras.

The problem with speed cameras, we're looking for both Fixed Speed cameras, but also mobile units that continually move. In order to have speed camera alerts, you need to have cover for both, and this means a tried and tested source which in turn rules out most other units.

The great thing about Tom and Garmin is that they are tried and tested. They have been refining this process over the years. They also have mass user features which means that because they have sold millions of units, across the world, they are also getting information from each user. This helps when you think about mobile units that continually move. If a user spots a new mobile unit and marks it on their maps, other users sat-nav units are updated automatically to show the unit.

TomTom Sat Nav Units

TomTom sat-nav units have the ability to identify the location of both fixed and mobile speed cameras and update their location in real-time, however, this does depend on the unit that you have, and what subscription you have. To have real-time services, you either need to use Live or TomTom Traffic through your smartphone.

If you just want to be able to see fixed speed cameras, you can see these on your usual TomTom map and can update through MrDrive connect or TomTom home.

TomTom Go Basic Sat-Nav

TomTom Go Basic

Overall Rating: 4/5

TomTom Go Basic - 3 months (12 Month Subscription is £22.43 – Click Here)

TomTom Go Essential

TomTom GO Essential

Overall Rating: 5/5

TomTom Go Essential – 6 Month (12 Month Subscription is £22.43 – Click Here)

TomTom Go Premium Sat-Nav

TomTom Go Premium

Overall Rating: 2/5

TomTom Go Premium / X – Free, Included within for lifetime of the unit

Garmin Sat Nav Units

Garmin works slightly differently than TomTom above. With a Garmin, ALL models have some form of Traffic Alerts which included speed cameras, without a subscription, but in order to get live traffic and speed camera alerts you need to keep a lookout for the LMT-S models.

Garmin Sat Nav's come in two forms – LMT-S and LMT-D. The LMT-S/ MT-S Sat Nav models allow you to connect your Sat Nav Unit to Live Traffic Alerts, including Speed Camera alerts, for no extra cost, via a smartphone link, or app. You simply connect your smartphone to your sat nav device via Bluetooth and you have access to this live information.

LMT-D models allow you to access traffic alerts via RDS-TMC which works over the traditional analogue FM radio. Sadly RDS (Radio data system) bandwidth is limited, so you cannot get as much information through the software, and as a result, this means no live data. No live data means that you get fixed speed camera alerts, but no moveable speed camera alerts.

Garmin DriveSmart Sat-Nav

Garmin DriveSmart

Overall Rating: 4/5

Available as a RDS, Digital Traffic platform showing fixed cameras, and with a smartphone link showing fixed and movable.

Garmin Drive

Garmin Drive

Overall Rating: 5/5

Available as a RDS, Digital Traffic platform showing fixed cameras, and with a smartphone link showing fixed and movable.

Garmin Drive Assist

Garmin Drive Assist

Overall Rating: 1/5

Available as a RDS, Digital Traffic platform showing fixed cameras, and with a smartphone link showing fixed and movable.

Final Thoughts

Which do you choose, a Garmin or a TomTom, well that your decision. Personally, I thought my best sat nav was the Garmin Drive 55 shown in action here.

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