Garmin DriveSmart 55/65 Sat Nav Review (New 2020 Model)

Garmin DriveAssist 55

The Garmin DriveSmart 55/65 Sat Nav Device is part of the all new Garmin 2020 range of navigators and comes with a range of options that have been drastically improved over previous model. The biggest of which is the edge-to-edge, 5.5-Inch, high resolution screen.

The Garmin DriveSmart 55/65 Sat Nav Device is part of the all new Garmin 2020 range of navigators and comes with a range of options that have been drastically improved over previous model.  The biggest of which is the edge-to-edge designed screen allowing for a 5.5-Inch, high resolution screen that quite frankly is superb.

The biggest complaint that we got last year after recommending the Garmin 61LMT-D which its 6.95-Inch, edge-to-edge screen was that the unit was too big.  The big screen is brilliant for directions, but its a massive screen and a massive unit that did cause problems with some users.

Personally, love the big screen and have a DriveSmart 65 in out collection, but I can understand how some think it's too big.  In this case, the DriveSmart 55 with a slightly smaller screen is available.

DriveSmart 55/65 Review

One thing that makes Garmin DriveSmart 55/65 stand out from other navigation devices is that it combines the best-in-class directions, free map updates and driver alerts with an excellent multi-touch display.  If you’re thinking about buying a new Garmin DriveSmart 55/65 navigation system, continue reading this article. 

Nowadays, smartphones are replacing automotive navigation devices. Actually, some drivers are still reliant on the flexible and powerful mobile phones when they’re navigating modern roads. Nonetheless, phones can’t match the clarity offered by navigation devices.

To most professional drivers, motorists and road trippers, PNDs (portable navigation devices) are the most preferable and capable option of exploring beyond the strong LTE coverage. And one of the best established and well-known manufacturers of PNDs devices is Garmin.

Garmin just unveiled 3 new standalone Garmin Drive automotive GPS navigators, two of them being these SmartDrive 65 and SmartDrive 55. Most people still don’t believe that Garmin still manufactures PNDs (portable Navigation Devices).

52 vs 55

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The new Garmin Drive Smart 65 and 55 devices feature 6.95 inch and 5.5 inch edge-to-edge display respectively. The super-crisp 720 by 1200 pixel capacitive display of DriveSmart 55 is much simpler to read and sharper than 272 by 480 pixel found in most similarly sized navigation models. Additionally, the multi-touch control is also easier to zoom the map in or out than the common controls on GPS screens.  Although the 5.5” screen of Drive Smart 55 is larger than the typical models with 5” screens, its overall unit is a bit smaller. This is because it has sleek bezel-less design.

Like the best navigation devices, Drive Smart 55 has a Bluetooth connectivity function that links it to smartphones. This allows you to send destinations to your device, get extra traffic and traffic information and receive incoming messages on the screen. Moreover, the Bluetooth connectivity of this device expands it utility. Once you connect it to your phone, you’ll be able to get useful info on the device such as real-time travel conditions and weather updates. 

Map Features

The Garmin DriveSmart device may be able to highlight certain points of interest along your way. The extensive database of Drive Smart helps you by guiding you to the best businesses and sites in the area, using Foursquare listings, US National parks directories, History Network sites as well as integrated TripAdvisor ratings, something not offered by the models of other brands. TripAdvisor info is extremely useful when you want to explore the place you’re visiting properly.

Moreover, DriveSmart 55 offers helpful traffic information in several metro areas and responds to the best GPS units and voice commands. It also includes free everlasting map updates.

Apart from looking cool, the 3D graphics on these navigation systems can help you familiarize with the surroundings. Various landmarks in your vicinity, including buildings, look realistic in these devices. This will help you envision the precise location when you look at the screen. 

Furthermore, they feature an easy to use and effective user interface (UI). Actually, this interface is much simpler to use as compared to the previous models of Garmin Drive navigation devices.

GPS refers to global positioning system. It is a technology that determines you precise location at any place on earth. GPS utilizes satellites to identify the exact location of corresponding hardware near the ground. These devices are powered by the Garmin’s navigation software and solid mapping with terrain data and 3D building. The Garmin’s navigation software connects with about 3 satellites simultaneously to acquire your position through triangulation.


As we’ve seen the Garmin DriveSmart 55/65 devices have several features and functions that extremely easy to use. The screens of these navigation systems are responsive and provides concise and clear information. This makes them some of the best navigation systems for moving you from one point to another.

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