Garmin Dezl 770 LMT-D Truck Sat Nav Review

Garmin Dezl 770 LMT-D Truck Sat Nav Review

The Garmin Dezl 770 LMT-D Truck Sat Nav is the new and upgraded version of of the 760LMT that we have reviewed and loved in the past. The new model’s come in two sizes, the 570LMT with it’s 5-inch screen and the 770LMT with it’s 7-Inch screen, although our favourite is the 770LMT given than you will need the seven inch screen to see the screen in your truck and if you’re wearing gloves, it’s much easier to operate with the larger screen.

Garmin Dezl 770 LMT-D Review

If you're a truck driver, buying a decent navigation system should be at the top of your list of things to buy given that the last thing that you want is to either get lost or worse still take a wrong turn and end up down a road that you’re not allowed to be on.

These days, smartphones are replacing navigation systems, however, a smartphone cannot match the clarity offered by these truck specific navigation systems as not even the best online apps allow you to enter your trucks dimensions and allow routes to be created based on your trucks size. The Garmin Dezl 770 LMT-D truck satellite navigation system is that it has been custom-made for truck drivers.

Custom Routes

What makes the Dezl 770LMT a great truck sat nav is its ability to provide customised truck routing's based on your truck’s dimensions. When you first switch the Garmin on, you will be directed to a screen where you will need to enter your truck’s Length, Height, Width and Weight.

When you’re ready to go, simply enter your destination onto your screen and the navigation system will provide you with routes that take into account your trucks dimensions and more importantly any traffic jams that occur along your route. The Garmin comes with free lifetime traffic alerts to keep you out of traffic.

7-Inch Display

The Garmin Dezl truck navigation device comes with a 7-inch display screen. The wide screen, which is responsive to touch, makes it very easy for truck drivers to see their turn-by-turn directions on the screen. The maps are also fantastic and provide both exceptional clarity and detail meaning that you can see both streets, roads and even building types. As an added benefit the Dezl 770LMT-D comes with free lifetime map updates for the lifetime of the unit and given the quality of Garmin sat nav’s these days, we would expect these sat nav’s to last at least five years.

Directions are provide through the in-built speaker that is loud enough to be heard by anyone sitting anywhere inside the truck. The inbuilt voice of the Garmin navigation system is quite clear and you will have absolutely no problem in making sense of it. Customer Reviews

As an added benefit your Garmin will also inform you about the road conditions ahead. Steep hills, low bridge heights and weight restrictions for road ahead are all provided to you on screen therefore helping you get to your destination on time.  It's also possible to connect your sat nav to your truck meaning that you can have extra information like Tyre pressure and Tyre mileage. 

The device is also bluetooth compatible meaning that you can keep your hands completely on the wheel while driving given that you can pair this navigation system with your phone. Once done, you will be able to make and receive calls. In case you are required to attend a conference call while driving, you can connect this system with a Bluetooth compatible headset and you can attend as many conference calls as you want.

Extra Features

Extra features include the ability to connect the wireless backup camera to your sat nav unit meaning that you can now see your reversing angle through your unit when you’re trying to reverse your truck, a massive selection of trucking specific point of interests such as trucking stops, petrol stations and food courts.

Overall the 770LMT-D is a fantastic trucking specific Satellite Navigation that offers plenty of upgrades from the previous model.  Its highly recommended across the internet and has performed exceptionally well during our tests.

Garmin Dezl 770 LMT-D Truck Sat Nav
Garmin Dezl 770 LMT-D

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